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Selle SMP E-Sport
E-SPORT is the saddle for sport E-Bikes that is ideal for those with a medium/narrow pelvis. The Selle SMP design and ergonomics guarantee comfort and excellent performance on racing, MTB and gravel E-Bikes. - Rails: AISI 304 stainless steel tube 7.1 mm Medium: - Length: 273 mm - Width: 140 mm Large: - Length: 279 mm - Width: 146 mm
E-TRK is the saddle for E-Bikes designed for those who go bike touring on a trekking E-Bike. It offers versatile use and satisfies many people. Its comfort and ergonomics surprise you even over long distances. For which cyclist: - Gender: Man, Woman - Sit bones width: from 9,0 to 15,0 cm - Pants size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Use: Touring / Trekking - Type of bicycle: E-Bike - Padding level: Thick Dimensions and weight: - Width: 162 mm - Length: 277 mm - With carbon rail: - Weight: 675 g Materials and colors: - Padding: Polyurethane + Gel - Cover: SVT Velvet Touch - Body: Co-polymer polypropylene - Rail: FeC30 steel
Selle SMP TRK Gel Large
The TRK Large saddle has a self-molding gel insert to ensure maximum comfort! Designed for recreational and sporting use, the TRK Large saddle from Selle SMP is also perfect for daily use in the city. The TRK Large is ergonomically designed to prevent any pain, discomfort, and numbness by removing pressure on the perineum, improving circulation in the perineal/genital area, and providing just the right amount of padding. Selle SMP’s patented features, such as the completely free central cutout channel, eagle-beak nose, and raised rear make it a joy to ride hour after hour. The TRK Large is an extremely versatile saddle, making it an ideal choice for recreational riding—great on roads, MTB trails, gravel, commuting, as well as indoor training. - Steel rails - Dimensions: 272 x 177mm - Weight: 500g - 100% made in Italy
Selle SMP Well S Gel
The Well family of saddles from Selle SMP allows you to have a professional level saddle at roughly half the price! Vertically integrated with the Professional range, the Well saddles incorporate all of the same technical features, making them ideal upgrade saddles for cyclists getting serious about performance—on road or trails alike. Thanks to its gel insert the Well S Gel is even more comfortable especially over long distances. This saddle is designed for cyclists with more narrow sit bones and features the same ultra-durable stainless steel frame/rails and carbon-reinforced Nylon 12 body found in SMP's top-of-the-line models. Equipped with the ergonomic patented features characteristic of all Selle SMP saddles, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose, and the raised rear, the Well S offers exceptional comfort. These ergonomic design attributes ensure the hallmark comfort of Selle SMP saddles; specially engineered with millimeter precision in order to improve blood flow in the perineal and genital area. In this way, any pain, discomfort, and numbness disappear and you can perform at your best. - Rails: Stainless steel AISI 304 Ø 7.1mm - Dimensions: 274 x 138mm - Weight: 340g - 100% made in Italy
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